Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Dinner

Wow, this is so embarrassing, it's been five months since my last entry.  I killed my camera in July and then stopped blogging when I could no longer photograph my food. Well, that was then, this is now.

Plant-based Vegetarian Christmas Dinner

Pastry wrapped Christmas loaf
Roasted yams, sweet potatoes and potatoes
Green Giant mixed vegetables
Creamed Kale over cannellini beans and quinoa
Stove Top stuffing (for my 11 year old son)

The hit by far was the Christmas Loaf, created at the Magical Loaf website :

Christmas Loaf

1/2 cup walnuts
2 TB water or broth for steam-frying
One onion, diced
One large garlic clove, minced
One large carrot, peeled and grated
Two celery ribs, diced
1 mashed sweet potato
2 cups gardien beefless tips, minced (1 pkg)
1/4 to 1/2 cup nut milk (I didn't need any)
1 cup cooked quinoa
1 heaping TB flaxseed meal
1 tsp. Italian seasoning
2 TB soy sauce


Preheat the oven to 350º. Spray a loaf pan or 8x8 square baking pan with nonstick spray and set aside (an 8x8 pan makes a crisper loaf).

Grind the walnuts into a coarse meal using a food processor or spice/coffee grinder. Place in a large mixing bowl and set aside.

Sauté any vegetables you've chosen in the water or broth for steam-frying until soft. Add to the large mixing bowl along with all the remaining ingredients. Mix and mash together well, adding only as much liquid as needed to create a soft, moist loaf that holds together and is not runny (you may not need to add any liquid if the grains and protein are very moist). Add more binder/carbohydrate as needed if the loaf seems too wet.

Press mixture into the prepared pan and bake for 45 minutes to 1 hour, or until cooked through. (We shaped it into a loaf shape and wrapped it in puff pastry.  It baked for one hour, then let it rest for 15 minutes.)

Let the loaf cool in the pan for 10 to 15 minutes, then turn out onto a plate or platter and slice. Serve with potatoes, vegetables, and vegetarian gravy, if desired.

Cold leftover slices of make a great sandwich filling.

The creamed kale came in a close second and you can find the recipe here:  I like to make creamed kale once a week and just eat it when I'm hungry because I love it so much.

For afternoon coffee I made this cake:
Pear cake served with whipped cream
Recipe found here:

All in all it was a delicious event, my first full on vegetarian Christmas.  

(Not sure why the font keeps changing in this post, but if I ever figure it out, I'll change it.)