Thursday, March 28, 2013

Blog sakes alive!

Hi everyone!

I've decided to keep this blog open for things other than recipes.  If you're looking for recipes and things to do with my personal chef business, please check out my new blog at Vegan Faery.

My partner Karen and I have decided it's time to kick up our diet a notch to try to lose some weight.  I've been working out for the past six weeks with Chalean Extreme from Beachbody which I really love.  It's a circuit training workout system with free weights, cardio, stretching and HIIT - high intensity interval training.  I absolutely love it!  Now that the snow is melting we're getting out walking our dog too.
Lucy :-)

Karen is very resistant to exercise and has only just recently shown an interest in working out.  She doesn't like being in a gym, so the best place for us to workout is outside walking with Lucy, which works great for me because I love that, too.  

If you know anything about weight loss you know that weight loss is 70-80% nutrition and 20-30% exercise.  I like to think that a good night's sleep should account for at least 10% of that equation.  We eat a plant-based diet, but it's a little too heavy on nuts/seeds/avocados.  We need to tone down the plant fats; 1 oz of nuts per day and/or half an avocado is plenty.  We need to center our meals around beans, vegetables, and whole grains/starches.  I watched a great video conference yesterday How to lose weight without losing your mind with Dr. Doug Lisle on You Tube.  If you want to take a look, I recommend skipping the first 15 minutes.  He's not the best public speaker (he's no Dr. John McDougall or Jeff Novick), but he's very knowledgeable.  I also participated in a live Q&A with Julieanna Hever, The Plant Based Dietitian last night on Facebook.  She gave me some helpful tips on losing weight which included that green smoothies are a great way to fuel my body, I don't need to add protein powders like Vega, Shakeology or Sun Warrior unless I'm an athlete (which I'm not), that salads with beans/tofu,  nuts/seeds/avocados are great and nutritionally sound, provided I follow the guidelines already mentioned, and that I get some exercise every day.  

So, getting back to Karen and I... we are going to start a cleansing diet to kick our addiction to sugar to the curb, thereby allowing us to lose some weight.  Karen would ultimately like to lose 40-60 lbs, while I have just 30 lbs remaining to lose.  Basically, if you are familiar with Dr. John McDougall's starch based diet and Dr. Joel Fuhrman's plant-based nutritarian diet, you know what path we are going to take.  Breakfast will consist of 500 ml warm lemon water followed by a green juice and/or a green fruit smoothie.  The salad becomes the main course and we will most likely eat it every day for lunch.  Our salads are HUGE, weighing in at 3/4 of a pound; we will follow that with another green juice.  Supper will be a sensible dinner consisting of a hearty soup or a light soup and a light meal.  We love our desserts so we'll have banana ice cream (chocolate, vanilla or berry), hot cocoa, or date/nut balls on the days we don't eat nuts in our salads.  Each meal will contain a starch, a fruit or vegetable or combination thereof and a fat source and some protein - think oatmeal, chia, hemp, flax, sweet potatoes, yam, brown rice, millet, quinoa, buckwheat, etc.  This is how we eat right now, but apparently we eat too much since we're maintaining our weight and not losing.

I'm going to post back with my meal plans every day* along with photos of our food.  If this pleases you, please stay with me here.  

Have a great Easter weekend.

*Note I am currently recovering from some type of stomach bug (virus or food poisoning I know not which) so I'm on the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) until I'm well again.