Monday, April 1, 2013

McDougall Meal Plan - Day 1

So yesterday was not only Easter Sunday, it was also the first day of our McDougall Meal Plan.  We didn't actually start our detox until today (and we both cheated - more on that later), but here are some pictures.

Chip and Salsa Soup
Sunday soup - Chip and Salsa Soup
This soup was very tasty  and everyone enjoyed it.  Basically it was beans, corn, salsa and broth cooked and served over blue corn chips and chunks of avocado. Afterwards we ate Mexican Bean Burritos, also from Day 1 of the McDougall meal plan.  Forgot to take a picture of that goodness.

Monday soup - Harvest Moon Soup
This soup was good, too!  My youngest didn't care for the tomatoes and he took about an hour before he dared try it.  The rest of the family liked it just fine.  You'll find the recipe for this soup here.We paired a serving of this soup with homemade pizza.  Pics to follow.

Karen's pizza, not on the meal plan, as the plan is VEGAN. She says hers was delicious (too).

My pizza made with Daiya cheese and homemade vegan pesto. Delicious, nutritious.

So my cheat today was a serving of potato chips and Karen's cheat was a plastic Easter egg full of chocolate eggs.  Progress not perfection! :-)

I also managed to do 60 minutes of my Chalean Extreme workout today - Burn it off and Recharge.  A killer workout, to be sure.

Here are some photos of us eating vegan food at Burger Revolution in Belleville on Saturday:

Utopian burger
Vegan Poutine
Karen waiting for her veggie burger.

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