Monday, April 15, 2013

Meal Plan Week 2

Well, I am over the flu (just a little bothersome cough holding on) and I'm ready to tackle my second week of online meal planning.  Even while I was sick I was still using my awake time to find new recipes.  I told you that I'm a compulsive recipe collector.  It's hard to decide in what order to make the recipes, but I'm going to start with the soup because my youngest son has just come down with the flu tonight and my partner is on day three today and so will need the nourishment of the soup to help her get strong enough to return to work on Wednesday.

Tuesday - Skinny Ms slow cooker lentil veggie stew.  Not sure I got a picture of this, but it was really good.
Wednesday - Leftovers (a whole fridge's worth).
Thursday - BBQ beans and greens from Straight Up Food
Friday - Vegan Sparkles' Autumn Sweet Potato Vegetable Red Lentil Dhal
Saturday - Quinoa protein bowl with kale, squash and a cheesy sauce.
Sunday - Saffron sweet potato rainbow quinoa soup from Reboot Your Life.
Monday - Amazing 3-bean sweet potato chili

I worked full time through this entire meal plan and my partner didn't cook any of the food listed.  I think I'll carry it over to next week.

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