Friday, April 26, 2013

My inspiration

I love many things about my job as part time vegan chef at a local retreat centre but the inspiration I get each time is really the best.  I come back to my family after many long hours away with all of this creativity pouring out of me.  Yesterday my partner and I went to a potluck with friends and I made the glazed lentil walnut apple loaf from Oh She Glows and healthy hash brown casserole from the Fat Free Vegan. This weekend I really want to make the African Peanut Stew from Ecoki and the marinated red cabbage salad with the Asian ginger dressing from  They don't really go together, so I'll have to come up with other recipes, too.

So much of the food I cooked this week was new to me, recipes gleaned from some of my favourite food/recipe blogs.  I just found Gluten free goddess and her recipes are great.  I'll even admit here (just between you and I) that I didn't test all of her recipes before making them for ten people at the retreat centre.  The ones I had tried before were so good that I just kept on trusting them.  I can say the same for Oh She Glows and Whole Life Nutrition; everything is good and works.  Do you have some tried and true recipe blogs that you love?  Leave me a comment and tell me about it.

Well, I have some housework to do and then I'll get started making my menu for the next five days.

Check back often for updates!  I'll post pictures and commentary about whatever I decide to cook. Also, look for my menu plan which I'll post tomorrow.

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