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what’s new in Android 7.1.2 Android Nougat review

With Android o just around the corner, Android nougat is slowly drawing to a near as the todays and best model of Android. However as nougat step by step creeps toward double digits in phrases of Android version distribution, and with Android 7.1.2 now out for a number of devices, we idea it turned into a time to revisit the android n release.

Nougat may not have introduced the equal dramatic visible overhaul we have been first dealt with to in android lollipop two variations in the past, but nougat does provide a variety of foremost improvements and refinements over marshmallow, along with pretty some arguably more crucial usability adjustments. With that in mind, be a part of us as we run through all of the essential Android 7.X functions – both person-facing and behind-the-scenes – in our full Android nougat assessment.

What’s new in Android 7.1 nougat?

For the sake of consistency, we’ve stored our unique Android 7.0 nougat assessment intact at the lowest of this put up, with a brand new segment above overlaying what’s new in extra current updates. In case you simply need to understand the very modern-day Android has in store, the pinnacle components are for you, but in case you want a whole evaluate of the whole lot to expect in nougat whilst it arrives in your tool, bypass to the unique review underneath after which be a part of us returned up right here for the extra recent additions.
New Android 7.1.2 capabilities

The ultra-modern replace for the pixel and supported Nexus family is Android 7.1.2, firstly introduced on January's 31, which truly brings a bit greater than you may assume for an incremental replace. The pixels pass over out at the most exciting stuff, normally due to the fact they've it already, gaining just the “powered via Android” brand at the boot splash screen and the march five protection patch. Google additionally stepped forward the finger swipe gesture for the pixels and Bluetooth connectivity problems.

The Nexus 6p, which I'm the use of with Android 7.1.2 now, won fingerprint scanner gestures at ultimate, meaning you can now drag down the notifications color with the rear-established finger scanner. It may be discovered in the actions segment of the settings menu and isn't enabled by way of default. Neither the Nexus 6 nor Nexus nine will be updated to 7.1.2.
But the vastest Android 7.1.2 characteristic alternate came for the pixel c, which inherited the pixel launcher from the phone line and got an entire new multitasking view delivered as nicely. The new recent apps evaluate shows small tiles organized in a grid pattern in preference to the more familiar card stack.

You’ll only be able to see 8 apps at a time and for now you may even swipe them away, however, it’s a solid start. The pixel c also gets the brand new stable nav buttons observed on the pixel telephones and you can clearly swipe up on the house display screen to open the app drawer.

In a barely bizarre twist, android 7.1.2 additionally allowed some customers – however no longer all – to choose in which to put in stay wallpapers. Non-pixel devices can install the wallpapers app to duplicate the capability of the pixel wallpaper picker, which brings with it a slew of pleasant new wallpapers and the capacity to choose whether or not a wallpaper ought to be carried out to the home screen, lock display or each.

New Android 7.1.1 capabilities

Check out the video beneath for a fast rundown of the new Android 7.1 nougat capabilities. As above, a difference desires to be made between the Android 7.1 model discovered at the google pixel telephones and the Android 7.1 replace that went to Nexus gadgets. The nexuses didn’t inherit the pixel launcher, although Google assistant arrived one after the other at a later date (on February 26 to be particular).

The maximum extensive stuff consists of launcher shortcuts, which will let you long press an icon and access a quick couple of moves, like to shoot a video or take a selfie at the camera app without having to launch the whole app first. In place of five there are now six quick toggles in the notifications coloration, and if you hold the strength button there’s ultimately a restart choice inside the power off menu.

There’s a new tabbed view in the settings menu that replicates that found at the pixels, with a brand new assist tab for getting assistance around the clock. Some adjustments had been made to the settings as nicely, inclusive of the addition of a clever storage manager with each computerized and manual cleanup options and the addition of a moves section where various gestures and motion detection toggles live. Gif help additionally arrived in an early level at the Google keyboard.

A observe at the Android 7.0 evaluate

All people that noticed the android n developer previews will no question see a variety of acquainted android nougat features here. The builds are so comparable that if you were running android n dev preview 5, the legitimate OTA for the Android 7.0 update was a tiny 49.5 MB, compared to 1.1 GB in case you up to date from the marshmallow.

Even as some of us may additionally have seen huge components of nougat already, we’ll be coming near this Android 7.0 evaluate from the attitude of a new consumer – someone who hasn’t “visible it all before”. We want to offer a sweeping evaluation of Android 7.Zero functions, however, we’ll additionally draw comparisons to marshmallow wherein relevant and offer context with the discussion of capabilities that regarded in the pre-launch variations of android n but that didn’t quite make it to the very last model.
Nougat in a nutshell

If I had to sum android nougat up, in a nutshell, I'd say that it’s android setting its roots down. The general feel of Android has ended up increasingly more strong given that lollipop, with less feature turn flopping, fewer performance issues and a greater recognition on polish. Nougat is all about extending capability, improving pre-current functions and further increasing what’s viable in stock Android.

As you already know, marshmallow in large part maintained the overall appearance of lollipop but baked in some big new functions like doze mode, the fingerprint app, and granular permissions. 365 days on and nougat follows fit, maintaining the house screen and app drawer design of marshmallow, however digging even deeper, laying the essential groundwork for what's but to come.

There's manner greater thrilling background stuff occurring in nougat than you notice at the surface.
There are some new visible capabilities to make sure, with a redesigned settings menu and notifications place. But there are additionally lots extra stronger functionality and thrilling historical past stuff happening in nougat than you see on the floor.

More difficult
This segment might be dedicated almost completely to nougat’s multi-tasking and cut up screen capability. Those are arguably the biggest price ticket items in nougat and those on the way to rightfully garner the most interest – and probably purpose the most confusion. That’s due to the fact as right as google’s implementation of multi-window mode and other multi-tasking capabilities in nougat are, they may be a bit complex and certain to go away various human beings in the back of.

Break up display screen mode: the way it works

Nougat, in the end, delivers cut up display screen mode to stock Android, a characteristic that has been around in manufacturer skins and custom ROMs due to the fact that all the time. Android nougat’s built-in model is in some ways better than what we’ve seen earlier than, however it could additionally be a bit… over the pinnacle. Now, take a deep breath as I walk you thru the way it all works.

Break up-screen works in both portrait and landscape mode, with the 2 ‘windows’ most effective being resizable in portrait mode. App builders can set their very own minimal app top, however, in panorama mode, you’re caught with a 50/50 width split, which honestly makes sense.

Split-screen works in each portrait and landscape mode, with the two 'windows' simplest being resizable in portrait mode.
Break up-screen mode can be activated by means of lengthy-urgent the app evaluation/recent apps button at the same time as in an app proper. It may also be activated via lengthy-urgent an app preview card inside the app picker and dragging it to the pinnacle of the display screen. You can even permit a gesture action so it launches whilst you swipe up at the evaluate button. To this point, such a lot of options.

That first app will then seem inside the top window (or at the left in case you’re in landscape mode) and also you’ll be capable of picking out your 2nd app from the app picker which displays automatically. Or, when the app picker is displayed within the secondary window, you may tap domestic to release an app from your own home display screen or open the app drawer.

Think of it like this: the app up top (or at the left in panorama mode) is the number one app, the opposite app is secondary and it's miles the one that may be modified easily. With this in mind, you’ll continually want to begin multi-window mode with the app you’re much less possible to need to exchange.

Brief switching apps is the pleasant

The quick app switching movement is likely my favorite nougat function of all.
Short switching is basically simply shuffling among the 2 most lately used apps. It works device-wide, so you can quickly transfer on every occasion you’re in a full-display screen app and you may also use it within the secondary window of cut up display mode.

Honestly double faucet the app review button and you’ll switch among your two latest apps for your secondary window. (the same gesture flips between full-display apps when now not in cut up screen mode.) also get lastest apps from Android Samo

The presence of the fast switching motion – probably my favorite nougat function of all – hence manner you may triple task in multi-window mode. As an instance, you could be watching a youtube video within the pinnacle window and brief switch between social feeds within the backside. Or you could be composing an e-mail within the top pane at the same time as simultaneously switching between a be the aware app and a web page in the bottom window. It’s surely pretty exquisite.

Operating with break up display mode

Speaking of writing, a multi-window mode is quite clever with regards to the keyboard. If you have lightly-spaced home windows up and want to kind into one (say, a URL or seek term), the windows will routinely resize to deal with the keyboard and then robotically switch lower back whilst the keyboard is off display screen once more. You can also clearly drag and drop textual content among the 2 home windows despite the fact that this doesn’t work with each app.

Break up display mode is a mixture of intuitive and useful thoughts mixed with inconsistency and confusion.
Exiting cut up display screen mode is pretty intuitive also: simply drag the black divider all of the manners up to go complete display screen with the app on the lowest or drag all the way down to the app on the pinnacle. Instead, you can long-press the app review button once more and your primary app will go full display.

Hitting the home button whilst in the break up display mode pushes your apps off display however you’ll constantly know you’ve were given cut up screen mode activated because your status bar will hold the color of the primary app and the evaluate button will trade to a split display screen icon. Double tapping the evaluation button will go back you for your contemporary cut up-screen setup at the same time as tapping it as soon as will bring returned your number one app and update the secondary app with the app picker.

Whilst cut up display screen mode receives weird

One very last touch upon multi-window mode may provide you with an idea of the way suitable, but slightly peculiar, this nougat function is. If you have a chrome tab open in a break up screen mode, tapping the overflow button offers a new option referred to as ‘move to another window’ so that it will then open a 2d chrome tab in the different break up display screen pane – this is surely incredible.

However, depending on the scale of your split-display chrome windows, establishing up the tab view will both cascade your tabs vertically or horizontally – and this is simply kinda weird. It makes the experience, I guess, but it’s without a doubt peculiar. Not being capable of constantly dragging and drop textual content with all android apps, not having all apps assist break up display mode and inconsistencies like this chrome instance (and different insects I've found) display it's far nonetheless not pretty polished.

Google actually additionally has a few final issues with split-display content resizing too. Now, the font size and width changes relying on how tall each window is. This is exceptional. However, for instance, commencing Gmail first followed with the aid of Google Play leaves elements of the play save seek bar cut off (which you may see the screenshot underneath).

Resizing the home windows fixes this visual glitch however it’s a computer virus that must have in no way made it to the final launch, in particular after months and months of developer previews. (the some-have-it-a few-don’t night mode is another instance of the way Google appears to have slightly run out of time with nougat.)

The million greenback question

In case you’ve managed to follow me this ways you’ve in all likelihood got a pretty true concept of simply how beneficial split-display screen mode can be if handiest you make the effort to surely learn how to use it (there are no pop-up tutorials or something for the feature). The question is even though: will it definitely catch on?

Sadly, the enormous majority surely won't ever take some time to determine split-screen mode out nicely.
Lamentably for Google, the full-size majority of Android customers surely received ever make an effort to discern all of it out. Furthermore, the usefulness of cut up-display mode on a 5.5-inch phone show is controversial and dwindling tablet utilization means nougat’s split-screen mode may additionally in no way get an awful lot use as it rightfully merits. If you are rocking a pill with nougat although, you’re in for a treat.

Now not the entirety in nougat is so convoluted though. Some functions are simple, simple and intuitive. From new characteristic additions to tweaks on marshmallow staples, nougat does loads of things better than its predecessor.

Notifications: redesigned, bundled and brief reply-able

The notifications region in nougat has acquired a moderate makeover, putting off the Google now-rescue cards from marshmallow and going top notch flat and complete-width. You get greater facts and the much less wasted area in them too, that is precisely what you want from a notification. Likewise, bundled notifications and brief respond are so obvious and so beneficial it’s sudden they haven’t seemed in stock android till now.

Bundled notifications and quick respond are so obvious and so beneficial it's sudden they have not seemed till now.
There are basically three views to nougat notifications: the splendid-compact lock display view, the slightly-extra-statistics notifications shade view, and the improved view with ‘brief moves’, that you get right of entry to by way of swiping down on a notification or by tapping the pinnacle part of the notification itself. Short movements are what I'm calling nougat’s horny new quick reply function and other comparable capabilities.

Quick respond is simply the capability to answer to a message at once from its notification while not having to open the app fully. It’s an extraordinary function and one as a way to save you a lot of time and limitless app switching.

However quick movements move beyond just replying: you may also share, delete, archive and extra without delay from a notification. These actions make nougat’s notifications region a much more active and responsive location. But once more, now not all apps guide this capability yet both.

Notification prioritization

You can nonetheless swipe to disregard notifications and tell android how lots notification data to show on the lock screen within the notifications vicinity of the settings (sounds additionally has its very own committed phase in nougat). But you can also lengthy-press a notification to access its priority settings or swipe it a bit to the facet and faucet the equipment icon to get entry to your options.

You can choose to reveal notifications silently, block all notifications or don't silence or block.
The selections are easy: show notifications silently; block all notifications; don’t silence or block. You could also enter the total app settings page where you've got even greater manage, such as whitelisting the app to inform you even if do not disturb mode is on (however more on that later).

More than one notifications from the same app will now get bundled together too, saving greater space and permitting you to push aside them en masse or increase them for person interest.

Machine up tuner is back

For the ones of you that preferred the ‘sliding scale’ for putting the importance of app notifications from the developer previews, you could without problems allow it in system UI tuner thru power notification controls.

To feature device up tuner to your settings menu, simply faucet and preserve the gear icon inside the short settings till it spins and your device vibrates. You’ll now find it at the lowest of the settings menu. System UI tuner additionally contains the toggle for the split-screen swipe-up gesture and toggles for which icons are seen in the popularity bar. You also find a few do now not disturb alternatives there.

Customizable quick settings

Brief settings in nougat have additionally been up to date. For starters, you’ll now always have a available listing of five toggles on the pinnacle of your notifications color. You can edit the order of this list to ensure handiest the most vital shortcuts for you are gift. The small arrow on the right hand facet will take you to the total short settings page, which you could additionally access with the familiar -finger swipe-down gesture from the top of the screen.

Nougat introduces a handy listing of five toggles which can be always present at the pinnacle of your notifications colour.
You may now have multiple pages of tiles too. A number of them immediately toggle a placing on or off, like the flashlight, do no longer disturb mode and place. Other tiles, like bluetooth and wi-fi, can be tapped to get right of entry to a mini menu proper in the quick settings.

The potential to show bluetooth and wireless off have to now be performed from the mini-menu, even after the uproar approximately getting rid of the faucet-to-toggle capability within the developer previews. Fortuitously even though, you could toggle wi-fi and bluetooth on or off thru the ever-present brief settings toggles on the top of the notifications shade. Lengthy-pressing a tile will take you to its complete settings menu display.

In the full brief settings listing you may also faucet the edit button at the lowest right to rearrange the tiles or replace them with others. The non-obligatory extras listing is pretty minimal: just forged, information saver, invert colours and hotspot. However developers at the moment are capable of create custom brief settings tiles for their apps, which will actually make matters lots extra interesting within the coming months.

Doze mode at the pass

Some of you may take into account how happy i was when the battery shortcut seemed inside the developer previews, which meant a long-press on the battery icon might immediately take you to the total battery phase in settings. That’s here and that i’m glad. However that’s now not the maximum exciting battery characteristic in nougat by way of an extended shot.

Doze mode now works now not simplest while the device is desk bound for some time however also while it is in motion.
Doze mode has now been beefed as much as work not handiest when the tool is stationary for some time but also while it's far in motion. Your screen wishes to be off, obviously, but you’ll now get to revel in varying stages of doze whenever your phone isn’t getting used. It’s a little too early to mention just how tons higher doze is in nougat, however the extended capability alone is appreciated.

The brand new -layer system essentially approach that a telephone left for your pocket or bag while you’re on the circulate will shut down community get right of entry to and best periodically sync records and run tasks. Whilst a device is absolutely stationary for some time, it'll slip into an excellent deeper hibernation, without a syncing, deferred jobs, no wakelocks and no gps or wireless scanning. In this mode, the protection home windows are even further spread out.

Multi-language help, emoji and app links

Nougat now helps you to set multiple locales as well as a number one and secondary language – and transfer without problems among them – that's manifestly a massive deal for bi-lingual android users and common tourists. You also have complete manage over how an awful lot statistics is displayed on-screen with the addition of a simple dpi changer inside the show settings.

Slide to the left to healthy greater stuff on screen and to the right to make the whole lot bigger. That is any other easy but first rate function to have in stock android, previously requiring an edit to the device’s construct.Prop document. It’ll are available more-handy on massive-display phones and drugs.

Seventy two new emoji in nougat
Inclusive of diverse pores and skin tones courtesy of unicode nine and the wallpaper picker permits you to set an photograph as a domestic display screen wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper or both. But possibly quality of all,

You may now pin your favourite apps to the pinnacle of the percentage picker.
Simply long-press them from the percentage picker menu.

There may be seventy two new emoji in nougat together with diverse skin tones and over 1500 emoji overall.
You can nevertheless pin apps for your display (wonderful for while briefly sharing your telephone with a person), outline which apps open particular sorts of hyperlinks (now referred to as commencing links in the apps segment of the settings menu), and control man or woman app permissions as you could with marshmallow.

Android nougat isn’t just about making matters better or greater complex though. Plenty of paintings has been put into rushing android up, a much more undertaking you could see google-extensive, from chrome optimization and improved cellular pages to google fiber and the wing drone transport undertaking.

New settings menu

The settings menu has been reconfigured in android 7.Zero, with the 2 primary changes being the addition of a hamburger menu at the left and the presence of high-order statistics underneath each settings segment identify. The primary of these goes to be very acquainted: it’s the equal mechanism you’re used to for having access to google now and the navigation drawer in lots of google apps.

Even though you may get right of entry to it every time, when you’re in a sub-menu in settings you’ll see the hamburger menu icon on the top left, which replaces the need for the lower back button. Tap it (or swipe from the left area) and you may soar to some other part of the settings menu instantly without having to time and again faucet the again arrow.

Even when you can’t see the icon, like within the advanced wireless settings or on the primary settings page, you may nevertheless swipe it out. It’s a accessible ‘quick escape’ characteristic although it’s no longer likely to be used by many human beings. Like lots of recent functions in android 7.0 you may use it if you want to, but if no longer, you received’t even observe it’s there.

The important data contained in each settings phase is now displayed on the primary web page.
The high-quality part of the new settings menu although is that the crucial information contained in each settings section is now displayed proper there on the principle web page. You’ll instantly know which wi-fi network or bluetooth device you’re linked to, how many apps you've got installed, how plenty storage you’ve used and how much longer your battery is expected to final. It’s a small addition perhaps, but another large time saver.

There’s a brand new tips place on the top of the settings menu, where you’ll intermittently see tips from the android gadget approximately a spread of factors. From reminding you to use voice search, register a fingerprint, add e mail money owed or change your wallpaper, you may act on them or minimize and forget about them at will. In case you want to dispose of the phase entirely, just tap the overflow menu and dispose of all guidelines.

Whilst you’ve were given do not disturb mode (or numerous other settings like flight mode) enabled, you’ll also see a chronic reminder at the top of your settings menu in which you could also turn it off. The built-in document manager – located in garage > discover – has been slightly rejigged too, using a tiled format now in place of the listing view you acquire in marshmallow.

In nougat, when you go to the app info web page for apps you’ve set up your self you’ll now be capable of see whether or not they got here from google play or had been side-loaded. This in all likelihood won’t count to most parents, but it's going to assist if you’re thinking why an app hasn’t been up to date currently or in case you’re troubleshooting some thing.

Sounds and notifications now have their very own devoted settings regions and you can set your telephone to total silence through the do no longer disturb toggle in brief settings (but now not thru the volume button).

Do now not disturb

Do not disturb has been one of the maximum complex implementations of any android feature in latest reminiscence. If not anything else, continued exposure to it means the basic concept has likely slowly started to sink in through now although. If you may wrap your head around it, it could sincerely save you a whole lot of time and effort when you don’t want to be interrupted.

Do now not disturb settings can help you choose from general silence, alarms handiest and precedence most effective for a quick period of time or indefinitely, in addition to set exceptions.
The do not disturb settings let you select from total silence, alarms handiest and priority most effective. You can set exceptions for precedence most effective mode to allow sure notifications in, permit do now not disturb mode for a hard and fast time period or indefinitely, create automatic guidelines for the weekend, evenings or paintings hours and additionally block visual disturbances like led notifications or on-display pop-ups.

Records saver

Statistics saver isn't always precisely rocket-technological know-how, but it does put the tools on your palms rather than in those of app developers. Statistics saver essentially helps you to deny internet get entry to to historical past apps when you’re connected to mobile facts. You’ll additionally get a massive reminder on the top of the settings menu when statistics saver is enabled to remind you it’s lively.

Records saver denies internet get admission to to background apps whilst you're related to cellular facts.
Permitting data saver – which is available each as a quick settings toggle or through the information place in settings – will restrict history syncing to whilst you’re related to wi-fi. Of route, you may whitelist any apps you want to have unrestricted community get entry to (like e-mail or whatsapp) even if data saver is switched on.

Seamless updates

Speakme of updates, android nougat is also introducing the idea of seamless updates, which essentially means new android updates might be downloaded inside the background and saved on a one of a kind gadget partition. It’s the same approach to upgrading that chromebooks take.

The 2016 nexuses will be the first devices to acquire nougat's seamless updates.
Once an replace has been downloaded in the historical past, the subsequent time you restart your smartphone, the machine will transfer walls and you’ll right away have the brand new android updates without having to undergo the same old download, reboot and deploy technique.

Alas, the 2016 nexuses could be the first gadgets to get hold of these seamless updates though. That means you gained’t get them on any present day tool, together with the nexus 6p and nexus 5x.

Preservation updates and the beta program

For those of you on the android n beta application, you may want to stay on it even now that nougat is officially out. Google has announced that everyday renovation release (mr) updates will be rolling out in pre-launch form to the ones at the beta application. The pre-launch mrs will deliver “persisted refinements and polish,” but additionally supply malicious program fixes and function tweaks earlier than anyone else receives them.

As with any beta releases although, these might also be much less stable than the regular updates all of us else will get. If you’re the sort that simply ought to have the present day and finest as soon as possible and are inclined to suffer the occasional worm to get them, then the beta program is for you. All people else can just sit down tight and await the normal public releases to roll out.

Digital camera shortcuts

The replace to the google digital camera that includes nougat on nexus gadgets also provides a new twist gesture to replace between front and back cameras. In contrast to on moto gadgets, it may’t be used to release the digicam so it best works whilst the camera app is already open.

Thankfully, the outstandingly handy strength button shortcut returns, so all you want to do to right away launch the camera is double press the energy button. You may want to permit this option within the display settings first even though.

Recent apps modifications

The latest apps menu, or app review, or multitasking menu or something you need to name it, has also been barely changed in android 7.Zero. Playing cards at the moment are large and there’s fewer of them, which means the probably infinite list we had in marshmallow has been trimmed down to something a little greater realistic. The android gadget itself can now take away long-unused apps from the list.

A accessible clean all button has been brought to the very top of your card stack so that you can remedy the clutter and inform nougat that it is able to near any related app strategies. In case you use it on the normal, it will additionally make switching between your maximum recent apps a miles simpler-to-navigate affair.

These changes, together with other time savers like the quick settings mini-toggles, camera shortcuts and the short app switching feature in reality start to add up.

Time savers like the fast settings mini-toggles, digital camera shortcuts and the quick app switching feature in reality start to upload up.
Vulkan, java eight and openjdk

Nougat officially adds aid for the vulkan api, which promises quicker, smoother and better rendered gaming snap shots. I won’t cross into information because we’ve covered vulkan some other place in extra element, simply recognise that it comes from the same folks accountable for opengl and that opengl remains in nougat.

Game builders can really select from the higher performance and complexity of vulkan or stick with the easier-to-enforce but less excessive opengl popular. It’s a win-win for gamers and developers alike, even though vulkan will take a while to unfold.

Nougat additionally helps java eight. Java 8 in reality handiest applies to builders, so i gained’t do a hatchet task here trying to give an explanation for why it’s an awesome component. Sleep properly understanding it lets in builders to do higher things with code though. Eventually, nougat makes the circulate from java apis to an openjdk-based totally method, which perhaps doesn’t rely a lot thinking about google just beat oracle in court.

What's jit besides?

You know how on lollipop and marshmallow whilst you rebooted you’d must wait ages while the system ‘optimized apps?’ that’s due to the fact lower back in lollipop, android made the switch from the dalvik digital system to the android runtime (art) which compiles apps beforehand-of-time. At the same time as this meant apps released quicker when you were booted, rebooting itself took forever due to the fact all of your apps had to be compiled first.

Jit way a quicker booting phone and apps that use much less ram, require less garage and get up to date quicker.
Android 7.0 switches things up a touch, re-introducing simply-in-time (jit) compilation to artwork’s repertoire. In easy phrases, this indicates the android gadget will pre-assemble some apps however handiest assemble elements of different apps when they may be actually required. The end result is a faster booting telephone, apps that use much less ram, require much less storage and get up to date quicker. Now not bad, huh?

More potent
No android replace could be entire without protection upgrades either. Android 7.Zero has a lot of stuff going on, from hardening the media stack so one can deny future stagefright-fashion media library privilege escalations, to truely letting you already know from wherein an app changed into established. However nougat also has a few protection-minded features in addition to serious security improvements.

Direct boot

Direct boot in android nougat pursuits to take that limbo degree among booting up and decrypting your device and make it a touch greater useful. Believe your cellphone randomly reboots with out you knowing and then you definitely miss an alarm and numerous essential notifications? Nicely, nougat will now boot all the way to the lock display earlier than requiring a pin or sample liberate to decrypt, permitting pick data to nonetheless be brought to an encrypted tool.

Direct boot manner you’ll nevertheless be capable of receive incoming calls, get notifications, listen alarms and see new emails whilst your non-public statistics stays comfy. You just have to anticipate developers to feature direct boot guide to their apps and optimistically now not abuse the privilege. Direct boot will never get a pat on the head within the equal manner as cut up-display mode will, but it’s arguably greater beneficial for the average character.

Direct boot means you may still be capable of receive incoming calls, get notifications and pay attention alarms even as your non-public statistics remains cozy.
File-primarily based encryption

I realize, those topics have become less and less sexy as we go on, however it’s crucial stuff, so stay with me, ok? Encryption is a without a doubt huge deal. If the san bernardino iphone case didn’t already make you privy to that, google wants to ensure android nougat does.

Suffice it to mention that android 7.Zero movements to a record encryption foundation instead of marshmallow’s full disk encryption gadget. This means there's now a clear distinction among device-encrypted content material (like everyday machine facts) and document-encrypted content material (like app and person facts). What this means for you is that your private stuff is better included at the same time as uninteresting system stuff can be made more useful.

Android 7.0 actions to a report encryption basis from full disk encryption in marshmallow.
As an instance, direct boot accesses tool-encrypted records that allows it besides all the way to the lock display. However tool-encrypted statistics also can encompass explicitly registered app facts like incoming notifications and calls. Everything else is safely encrypted at the report degree, further securing your facts.

The new nexuses will assist document encryption and direct boot automatically, however each person else will ought to allow developer alternatives and choose convert to document encryption, with a purpose to wipe your facts inside the method. You may now see a lock display screen gadget notification on direct boot that reads ‘some capability may be limited’.

Range blocking/name screening

Android 7.Zero features an advanced quantity blocking off and contact screening platform that provides users with entire manage over undesirable callers and unknown numbers. Carrier integration also manner numbers you’ve blocked through the dialer may be blocked thru all mediums, consisting of voip and contact forwarding. Number blockading can also block texts and allow multiple apps to apply the blocked numbers list for greater gadget-extensive blocking off assist.

Dealing with app folder get right of entry to

Additionally, nougat adds high-quality-grained manage over what folders hooked up apps can get entry to. Earlier than, you type of granted apps get right of entry to to the whole lot, however now you may limit their get admission to to files in an awful lot the equal way as you can manipulate their permissions. ‘scoped listing access’ lets in app builders to especially request get admission to to person folders rather than all of your folders – any other win-win.

Similarly, within the special get admission to part of the apps phase settings, you can faucet via a mess of constrained regions like adjust gadget settings, draw over other apps, top rate sms access and unrestricted statistics get right of entry to to peer which apps have asked access and toggle that get right of entry to on or off. This is simply one of the many person-facing controls in android 7.0.

Emergency information

Android nougat can upload emergency records to your lock display screen. Truly go to settings > customers > emergency records to feature the kinds of statistics you’d need any first responders understanding, like your blood kind, call and deal with and any hypersensitive reactions. Keep in thoughts even though that this facts will also be seen to everyone that happens to choose up or thieve your telephone.

Better backups and accessibility settings

With nougat, even easy such things as app backups are improved because they now cover app permissions, community access settings, regulations and accessibility settings. Accessibility on android 7.0 has been stepped up too, with accessibility settings being available in the course of device setup, an obvious plus for all and sundry needing the ones functions the front and middle. Variable text-to-speech velocity and mono output for those with unmarried-ear listening to loss are first-rate additions, as is the dpi slider for resizing on-screen content.

Android for work

To spherical out the i-can’t-consider-you-made-it-this-a long way segment, android 7.Zero adds quite a few new capabilities for android for work. From an usually-on vpn to a work mode setting that helps you to block work-related notifications when you’ve clocked off for the day.

You’ll manifestly want a tool with an android for paintings profile installation on it, however if you do, you’ll be capable of revel in fun stuff like geared up get entry to to the business enterprise directory and further security capabilities for paintings-related apps that received’t affect the relaxation of the device. Woohoo.

Other features
Inside the leftover pile we've got an assortment of stuff, from allo and daydream to night time mode and vr. To run through them quickly, google assistant won’t seem until the brand new nexuses arrive with allo on board (we’re not even sure we’ll see allo launched as a standalone app earlier than then).

At the same time as nougat officially supports both daydream vr and task tango, that received’t actually count number till we start seeing nougat seem on daydream-prepared devices and the tango phone. Diverse mentions of vr mode exist already, but they don’t do tons but. We also don’t have any daydream headsets for the nexus 6p both, assuming it'll certainly assist full blown daydream vr.

Android’s blue-light filtering night time mode is any other bizarre one. A piece of leftover code from the primary developer preview intended night time mode stuck round inside the previews as long as you saved accepting the ota updates and didn’t flash a brand new manufacturing facility photograph.

Surprisingly, night mode, which become eliminated within the developer previews, nevertheless appears for a few humans within the very last build of nougat.
Oddly, night mode still appears for a few human beings in the very last build of nougat, even though its functionality appears to be a touch wonky depending on who’s using it. A brand new app has seemed to carry it again absolutely (as all of the applicable code stays in nougat), however again, even that’s not working for all of us. With a bit of luck google will restore those performance problems and produce it back formally inside the next mr update.

Subsequently, there are a pair of new features in developer alternatives which might be truely pretty beneficial to everyday oldsters in case you’re inclined to hazard breaking things to be able to make use of them. You could now tell android to allow an app to be moved to the sd card even if the app’s happen values say it could’t be.

Moreover, you can tell the device to pressure any app to seem in cut up-display screen mode, despite the fact that it hasn’t been designed to accomplish that. Of route, the google digicam – the most obvious non-break up-display screen-friendly app of all of them – is in some way exempted from this kind of coercion.

Wrap up
If you’ve made it this far you then’ll be painfully aware about just how few horny and thrilling “wellknown target market” capabilities android nougat has and just what number of uninteresting however in the long run more-useful-for-all and sundry nerd-functions it packs in rather. There is a lot of customization capacity in inventory android now, greater than there has ever been before, however it is possibly wisely stored out of mainstream view.

Nougat provides a few superb features, the form of stuff we used to have to show to custom roms, manufacturer skins or 0.33-celebration apps to get. However maximum of those will handiest clearly ever be utilized by advanced customers – both because they're too complicated for the ‘common person’ or due to the fact the majority will never even recognise they even exist.

This is possibly, the quality way to sum up android 7.Zero nougat. It’s an android version for android fans. It does the fundamentals properly and with out plenty fuss for all people, however for the ones people willing to dig round or with an eye on the future, there’s lots to hold us busy. It’s remarkably stable with only some inconsistencies and insects: absolutely the fewest i’ve ever seen on a new android version.

However while it is able to be tougher, higher, quicker, more potent for the nexus grasp race, for the extensive majority of android users, the most crucial nougat function can be how properly it really works if or once they ever actually get it on their tool.

Whilst do you count on to peer nougat? What is the only characteristic it misses out on?

Monday, 10 July 2017

Piggy of the Month

There are a lot of people in the health and well-being community I admire, many of them are on Facebook and I'll admit to only having met three of them in person:  Julianna Hever, the Plant Based Dietitian, Jeff Novick, renowned speaker and registered dietitian, and Beverley Edwards-Miller, owner of bev-HEALTH and Wellness in Toronto.

Not long ago one of my favourite bloggers, Tess Masters, sent me an exciting email request.  She makes regular blog posts on Healthy Blender Recipes and each month she features a member of the health and wellness online community; other bloggers, fans or people she admires, to write their story for a guest spot on her blog.  She gave me lots of notice, thankfully because I tend to procrastinate, but truth be told, I was forced to write it the afternoon before the deadline.  Oops! So I sent her my story of my journey to a vegan diet, including some pictures and some recipes of my favourite foods.

Here is the link to my story on her blog: http://healthyblenderrecipes.com/pigs/top_pigs/vibeke_vale/

Here is the link to the recipe she altered slightly to make it EVEN better: http://healthyblenderrecipes.com/recipes/raw_vegan_soft_serve_mint_chocolate_chip_ice_cream/

Time to come over to the green side!

Begin reaping the extraordinary benefits of eating vegan, sign up as a client now and I'll give you three meals for the price of two in your first week (new clients only).

Here are just a few of the menus my clients have ordered from over the past few months:

How this blog works (for those recently joined).

(Wow.... I just lost my entire blog post because of an error uploading a photo.  *Sigh*)

When I started my business 18 months ago it was to assist people to eat well at work. Instead of heading out at lunch time to the nearest fast food joint to get a midday meal, people can sign up to receive delicious, nourishing vegan food delivered to their home or place of employment.  These deliveries generally occur twice a week and while the portion sizes may vary, each meal contains a balance of macro nutrients and approximately 350-400 calories.  Sometimes I bring casseroles, stews, curries, stir-fries, salads, and soups.  I like to keep it different, change it up from day to day.  I offer all customers a menu from which to make their selections.  It's easy, it's affordable and it's fun.  My customers love to say "I have a personal chef." :-)

The purpose of this blog is to share information with my clients primarily, but also the followers of this blog. I like to share recipe information because if a client eats a particular food on Monday and thinks, "Darn, this is amazing, I'd like to make this at home for my family," I want that to be possible.  Through cooking for other people, I share my love of good vegan food and this blog allows me to do that... This is my vessel.  If I don't have the permission of a fellow blogger or author/publisher, I sometimes cannot share a recipe directly.  In that case I will make a reference to a cookbook page number.

Okay, so sit back and be prepared to be amazed by the quality and quantity of my cooked food.

Smoothies To Die For!

Long before I began my business, my children thought it would be a great idea for me to set up a stall at the weekly farmer's market in town to sell my delicious green smoothies.  They just knew that once people started trying these delicious beverages, they'd be hooked and I'd have a successful little business.

Fast forward two years, my smoothies are selling almost as well as my delivered meals.  Yes, the green smoothie has made an appearance in town and people are talking about them.  Not only that, they're sharing them!  I love it!  Smoothies are kind of like milkshakes, only not necessarily made with milk and can sometimes be green.  Don't let that put you off, though, with the addition of sweet fruits you won't even taste the kale, the collards, the spinach and the parsley.  As my current client Christina can attest to, mango and parsley make a delicious combination.

My newest client, Michelle, has asked when the smoothie recipes from the previous week will be online.  Well, nothing like a request from a client puts me into action.  Please enjoy responsibly and don't forget to share!

Raw Vegan Sweet Kale Smoothie
This beautiful smoothie was created by none other than Tess Masters at http://healthyblenderrecipes.com. She's a rocking smoothie goddess and if you recognize her name, you should!  I have featured her recipes here before.  This smoothie is to die for.... creamy, sweet, smooth and so decadent you'll swear it's dessert.  I made a smoothie for Michelle on Tuesday morning (in actual fact I made a bunch that morning), but secretly I wanted it for myself.  After pouring it into her bottle, I poured the remainder into a glass.  I had less than 1/4 cup to sample, but it was enough for me to seriously consider keeping the smoothie for myself.  Instead, I made a Vitamix pitcher full of it and served it up to the kids and their friends for an afternoon snack.  Only my eldest son's friend Andrew could place the banana and the ginger, the rest were stumped.  Please head here to find the recipe: http://healthyblenderrecipes.com/recipes/raw_vegan_creamy_pistachio_ice_cream_kale_shake/

I believe I have shared this recipe before, but I'll do it again because it's nice to have all recipes in one place.  The cherry beet detox smoothie is part of a 28-day Elimination Diet provided on another website.  I'm following this plan with a client of mine and after a week of drinking Tom's Fruity Medicine Chest Smoothies, we were ready for a change:
Cherry Beet Detox Smoothie
Here is the link for this beautiful fruity smoothie:  http://www.nourishingmeals.com/2011/01/cherry-beet-detox-smoothie.html

During that same week, I also made this detox smoothie...the Lemony Cabbage and Cranberry Smoothie.  Not as sweet as the one above, it was still one we enjoyed during the detox phase of this diet plan.
Lemony Cabbage and Cranberry Smoothie
I made this smoothie using lemon, red cabbage and cranberries and followed the recipe on page 98 of the Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook.  You will find many of the recipes featured in this book (and ook.  You will find many of the recipes featured in this book (and many more) on their website: http://www.nourishingmeals.com/.

For the days when you really don't have time to eat but you need a meal on the run, you cannot beat the Superfood Smoothie from the Kindfood Cafe in Burlington, ON.  I met owner Kelly Childs at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival in September, 2011.  She runs a vegan cafe and bakery with food to die for!  I cannot wait to visit her establishment in the summer.  I came across a video on YouTube with her employee Michael Rennie who made this amazing super super-food smoothie.  Here is the link to the original recipe, but of course I've changed it up a little bit. :D  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20vcwVPtCYw

This is how it looks:
Kindfood's Super Super-food Smoothie
I have a back up smoothie recipe up my sleeve for just such smoothie making extravaganzas!  It's my  Pièce de résistance:
Blueberry Orange Smoothie
Recipe as follows:  1 frozen banana, 1 peeled and sectioned orange, 1 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk OR 1 cup So Nice chocolate milk, 1 cup frozen blueberries, 1 tbsp. hemp seeds.  So smooth, so sweet, so satisfying.

Next up is a very simple smoothie and yet still so good.
Tropical Green Smoothie
Recipe goes like this:  2 cups baby spinach or 2 large collard leaves, 1-2 cups water, 1 frozen banana, 1 tbsp. hemp seed, 1 cup pineapple or mango or kiwi (depending on your preference).  Easy, eh?  Delicious, too.

Okay, well that's it for now.  As I get more photos I will upload them and share them with you.

Raspberry Chocolate Cake

This is a photo of the gluten-free raspberry chocolate cake I made for my son's 12th birthday party on Saturday.  Six of his friends showed up to help him celebrate and by extension, eat cake.This cake was my first attempt at gluten free baking and I have to say that it really turned out well.  It was perhaps a little on the dense side, but the taste was excellent.  The thing I would change if I make it again is to use Bob's Red Mill gluten-free flour blend, as it has come highly recommended, instead of the generic blend I picked up at the local bulk food store. This is the recipe I used:

As you can see it's not vegan.  I will attempt the vegan gluten free when I have a few more cakes under my belt, but not necessarily in my tummy. :-)

Typical Supper At My House

Since I began my business Vegan Faery two years ago, my children have been my guinea pigs to all of my hits and misses.  My youngest child has enjoyed my cooking the least and he totally surprised me tonight by requesting that instead of steamed edamame with dinner, that I make creamed kale.  I thought I'd heard him wrong, but when he repeated it there was no question. Since we had just harvested our own kale it was good timing all around.

Curly green kale grown in Prince Edward County, ON.

Butternut squash and creamed kale over black-eyed peas.
Supper was amazing and enjoyed by everyone except my 16-year-old who still hasn't embraced the kale.